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Is it Okay?

The cold breeze and yellow morning sunlight showed that it was going to be an amazing weekend morning. Wahesh got up from bed with a happy Friday mood. At the breakfast table, he was expecting a cheese sandwich but had to deal with half boiled egg and a glass of milk prepared by his father, Mr Ahmed, a man who had left no stone unturned to make his son a perfect macho man. Wahesh broke the silence, and asked, “My friends have invited me to the drama show this evening. Can I skip today’s gym an

The Subtle Art of Room Decor

Have you ever thought about wabi-sabi in your home? It is a Japanese abstract method of finding beauty and peace in imperfection, where wabi stands for living with simplicity, and sabi stands for the ability to accept the imperfection. This philosophy teaches us to see our known world in a whole different way by accepting the imperfect and being pleased with impermanence and incompleteness. If we consider applying this subtle art of living in decorating our place of living, how will we do it an

Six Ways of Earning While Studying

We are considered independent once we turn eighteen, but by then, do we become capable of paying our mobile, Netflix, or even fast food bills from our pockets? If not, then I don’t consider us to be independent. The most widely practiced idea of earning while studying is being a home tutor, which is tiringly monotonous and recreationally less rewarding. It’s the 21st century, and if there are so many exciting ways to earn, then why would we roam around the same path that has zero scopes for cre

A letter to the Future

I hope this letter finds you well and you are living with good health and spirits. I imagine you are in a world where viruses live in devices instead of human bodies. I pray that in your time, nobody has to hide their broad smile behind a mask. I pray that in your time, you isolate your toxic thoughts instead of your entity, and you can hug your loved ones without worrying about maintaining social distance. I hope in your world — pandemic, lockdown, quarantine, contagion, super-spreader are mere